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Welcome to Kibbutz - Revolutionizing Farming with AI and Satellite Technology. Discover how our innovative platform is transforming the agricultural landscape through precision farming. Learn how farmers can optimize their resources, increase yields, and contribute to sustainable agriculture practices with Kibbutz.


About Us

Learn about Kibbutz, our mission, and our commitment to revolutionizing the farming industry. Find out how our team of experts combines AI, ML, and satellite technology to create a comprehensive solution for farmers worldwide. Explore our values, vision, and dedication to driving positive change in agriculture.


Explore our cutting-edge solutions designed to empower farmers with precision farming techniques. Discover how our AI-based platform, integrated with satellite data and GPS technology, enables accurate field measurements, optimized resource distribution, and streamlined workflows. Experience the benefits of increased productivity, reduced costs, and sustainable farming practices with Kibbutz.

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Dive into the key features of Kibbutz that make it a game-changer in precision farming. Discover our advanced algorithms for precise measurement of field boundaries, real-time data analysis, and intelligent recommendations. Explore features such as GPS-assisted spraying and spreading, remote technical support, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies farming operations.


IOT Box for farming

Our IoT Box for farming is a compact and powerful device that seamlessly integrates with agricultural operations. It collects real-time data from various sensors placed in the field and enables farmers to monitor and control their farm remotely. The IoT Box provides connectivity, data storage, and analytics capabilities, empowering farmers with valuable insights to make informed decisions.


Navigation System 

Our navigation system is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes satellite positioning to assist farmers in accurate field navigation. It provides farmers with precise location information, enabling them to plan and execute farming activities efficiently. The navigation system ensures accurate spraying, seeding, and fertilization, reducing waste and optimizing resource utilization.


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Aqua Sensor

Our Aqua Sensor is a specialized sensor designed for precise monitoring of water parameters in aquaculture systems. It measures essential parameters such as water temperature, pH levels, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. By providing accurate data on water quality, the Aqua Sensor helps farmers optimize conditions for fish or shrimp growth, ensuring a healthy and sustainable aquaculture environment.

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Nano Satellite Saas Product for Farming

Our satellite farming solution leverages satellite imagery and data to provide farmers with a comprehensive view of their fields. By analyzing satellite images, our system detects crop health, identifies pest or disease outbreaks, and enables targeted interventions. Satellite farming enables farmers to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and maximize yields while minimizing environmental impact.

These features collectively empower farmers with advanced technology, enabling them to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and adopt sustainable farming practices. The IoT Box for farming, Aqua Sensor, Navigation System, and Satellite Farming solution work synergistically to provide farmers with actionable insights, precise control, and efficient management of their agricultural operations.
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