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The Leadership Team


Information and profiles of the Founder, CEO, Directors, Advisors, and Mentors at Bluwage 

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Manish Sharma

Founder and CEO- BLUWAGE

Leadership in Global Forums: A prominent figure in international business and policy circles, Manish has been a G20 B20 Policy Maker for Digital Transformation and African Economic Integration. His contributions have extended to various G20 sub-forums, including Women 20, T20, and Startup 20, where he actively participates in shaping policies for digital transformation and economic integration.

Bluwage - Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Under Manish's leadership, Bluwage has emerged as a trailblazer in the startup ecosystem. The platform addresses Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) challenges by innovatively tackling issues related to food production, distribution, and accessibility. Bluwage is not merely a business venture for Manish; it's a mission to create positive social change through technology.

Global Recognition and Partnerships: Manish's commitment to social impact has garnered global attention. Bluwage, under his guidance, has entered into strategic partnerships and signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with various governments, including initiatives with the North East Advisory Council and Uttarakhand Government for substantial investments in startups and agriculture.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy: At the heart of Manish's entrepreneurial philosophy is the belief that technology, when harnessed ethically and innovatively, can be a force for positive change. His initiatives reflect a commitment to sustainable development, equitable growth, and the creation of opportunities for underserved communities.

Vision for the Future: Manish envisions a future where technological innovation acts as a catalyst for inclusive growth. Through Bluwage and other initiatives, he aims to contribute to building a world where challenges are met with inventive solutions, and entrepreneurship becomes a driver for positive societal transformation.

In summary, Manish Sharma stands as a testament to the power of entrepreneurship to drive meaningful change. His journey, from contributing to global policy discussions to leading impactful startups, showcases a commitment to innovation, sustainable development, and the betterment of communities worldwide.

Manish Sharma, a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary, serves as the Founder and CEO of Bluwage, a groundbreaking platform at the intersection of technology and social impact. With a passion for leveraging innovation for societal betterment, Manish has led Bluwage in addressing critical challenges, particularly in the realm of sustainable agriculture and food security.

Education and Entrepreneurial Background: Manish holds a B.Tech degree from GNE Ludhiana, Punjab, and has honed his skills through specialized programs, including Entrepreneurial Crisis Management from Babson College, USA, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship from IIM Udaipur. His journey also includes acceleration at NSRCEL IIM Bangalore and IIMA, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Mangesh Sharma

Executive Director

Mangesh is a highly experienced individual with a background in Manufacturing Engineering and Business Development. He has a postgraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering from NIT Surat and a graduate degree from NIT Meghalaya. He has a strong track record of leading a core marketing team and has expertise in data analysis and decision making.


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Information and profiles of the Mentor of Bluwage Pvt Ltd 



Supported by Stanford Graduate School of Business through its Stanford Rebuild Progran.


Supported by NSRCEL IIM Banglore, Pre- incubated, Launchpad Program


Supported by IIM Udaipur Incubation Center, Incubatee, accelerated, Ln Zn Program

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Supported by STEP GNDEC

Dr. Munish Sabharwal

Investment Banker, Private Equity, M&A Alumni of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (Pune), ISB (Hyderabad) and Institute of Directors (Delhi)

Dr. Saurabh Kwatra Resolve

Innovative Designer, Function-Cost-Analyst DSc (Innovation Management) 2017, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa PhD (Industrial Design) 2002, Hero School of CAD/CAM Masters in TRIZ , Institute of Innovative Design, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The Technical Team and Partner

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